Making schools smart

Conduct exams more efficiently

Do online quizzes and exams seem daunting? OneLXP makes sure it does not!
Our primary aim is to provide a contemporary approach to every aspect of e-learning. With our Learning Experience Platform, we extend the technique to the online examination system as well so that you can focus on more important aspects of learning.


Regular Schools vs. Smart Schools

Although, regular institutions have shifted their teaching to the digital realm out of necessity; digitized exams and assessments are still a vague concept, that more often than not, stand canceled, impacting students’ learning negatively. Our clients have access to numerous OneLXP benefits moving them along the list of top educational institutions:

  • Smart proctoring - ability to view students via their webcam
  • Split the class into multiple groups for easier management of proctoring
  • Schedule quiz and exams with objective question types such as multiple-choice questions, true and false, short answers, analogies, etc.
  • Share the assessment snippet with students through the chat and notice board
  • AI-based user-authentication preventing replacement possibilities
  • Time-stamped reports include tab switching and tracking facial directions
  • Bulk upload questions to save time
  • Secure system prevents questions from leaking and question shuffling for different class groups
  • Auto-grading objective question
  • Effective analyses of students’ performance after each assessment, through color-coded graphs


Key Features

  • Scheduling
  • Several Question types
  • Timed Attempt
  • Secured examination
  • Auto-grading
  • Detailed Analysis
Supported types of questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True/False Questions
  • Mathematical Formula Questions
  • Short Answer Questions

Getting prepared for AI based assessments

Our online exam module includes industry-leading features that reduce your pre and post-examination workload, quicker results timeline, enhance your teaching and learning objectives, ecologically friendly, more engaging for students alleviates rote learning. Moreover, the variation in questions covers all course aspects so the students can figure out their problem areas. Online exam management does not get better than this; when it does, rest assured, OneLXP will offer it. For now, contact us to receive one of the best learning management systems that offer end-to-end school management solutions.