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No more complicated systems!

Just like you, we were frustrated using tons of old-school tools which do not talk with each other, so we created onelxp which is:-



Running a school is no cake-walk. And taking the process digital requires the integration of tons of different tools for several purposes! onelxp is created by a team of academics and supported by teachers, parents, and schools to take care of all your needs in one single app!

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We understand that you are tired of all the Learning Management System from the 1800s and we are too. Your app onelxp is the most simple yet complete app for you at school; it feels like you are using Whatsapp!

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onelxp brings together all stakeholders: teachers, students, school administration, and parents on one platform. Now you can collaborate flawlessly with our advanced communication-enhancing tools and focus on what matters most โ€“ learning!

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featureSalient Features

Make your school more connected

We empathise with teachers and school owners who have struggled for years haggling with complicated systems and dealing with salesmen who have tried to sell their products on the basis of number of features.
We understand that not every teacher/student is a techie and need not be one.


Easy School Management

with quick access to courses you are teaching or studying in

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Classroom Collaboration

Teachers and students can collaborate with each class being just like a WhatsApp group

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Live Classes

Integrated with Zoom/Google Meet; With lecture recording and automatic attendance

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Smart Attendance

with automated reports for parents and school administration

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Daily Homework

with easy scheduling and grading

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Online Exams

with auto-grading and performance analysis

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Online Content Library

and personal library seamlessly integrated

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Direct Messaging

and organized doubt clearance

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Notice Board

Create important announcements, notices and circulars with instant push notifications

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Happier Parents

Parents get real-time updates for their children's academic performances automatically

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Pricing Plans

Access all of our features packed in simple pricing tiers or just get in touch to discuss a solution tailored to your needs


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