Making schools smart

Managing School curriculum centrally

While there is plethora of amazing study content out there on internet which students and parents are buying the subscription for, most of the schools are working in old-school fashion. Like literally!

While most the EdTech companies are trying to replace teachers with technology, we are rather empowering teachers with modern technology and intuitive study contents. How many times have we searched for information on a video platform for a how-to, understand a concept better, learn about a phenomenon, or explore a country that we would never visit?

The future for learning is changing, and research indicates that online videos have become the top go-to resource for teaching and learning. However, does that mean the educational institutions leave the student on unmonitored video platforms with a plethora of digressions? Of course not. Instructor-generated video content:

  • Improves students’ satisfaction with the instructor and course
  • Increases students’ engagement through meaningful class discussions on groups and participations
  • Improves performance with persistent grades improvement.

Key Features

How does an educational institution make a monitored, secure content library possible?

OneLXP does it for you. We understand your educational needs and associated disconcertment. This is why we have developed a platform for the institutes to onboard their content in our library feature. That’s not all!

Our library management feature not just boasts an institute library, but a course-wise and personal library - covering your students’ and teachers’ scholastic needs - its key features include:

  • Associated reading materials with video content
  • A color-coded graph to track student and teacher date-wise and overall engagement
  • Teachers’ and students’ MyLibrary consists of images, videos, files, texts, quizzes, assignments, video lectures, and submissions from students shared over time.
  • Ability to filter content by file type, subject-wise or date
  • Student and teacher leaderboard for most-content share


Flexibility made for your need:

  • Manage curriculum board
  • Manage curriculum standards
  • Manage subjects
  • Manage chapters and topics
  • Manage Materials
  • Unlimited Storage

All content formats supported:

  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Documents
  • Images
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Online Link

Eliminiating Redundancies

Your content combined with OneLXP’ tools, will provide an effective and measurable synchronous (live classes) and asynchronous (videos) learning experience for the students. Moreover, parents, and teachers perceive increased value of their investment when the school provides updated reference materials.

Why not join OneLXP in their educational revolution and onboard the trend to create a digital content library for your institution?