Making schools smart

Conduct online classes more efficiently

Despite the transition from nice-to-have to must-have, live online classes are still a management nightmare for institutions globally. But not anymore!

OneLXP has made organizing and managing online classes uncomplicated. It provides integrated live online classes through Zoom or Google Meet - two go-to choices for live online classes in institutions worldwide. How does it benefit the school over a native online class feature?


Key Features

  • Integration with Zoom and Google Meet
  • Works on all platforms - Web, Mobile (Android and iOS)
  • Multi-user whiteboard for a more dynamic classroom environment
  • Straightforward screen-sharing to supplement the lecture
  • Automatic attendance system
  • Video Recording and Sharing
  • Frictionless and secure password-protected classrooms
  • Schedule a class with pre-reading materials or relevant attachments

The benefits of live online classes are not restricted to class timings or the application’s undeniable intuitiveness. Rather it can be extended to extra one-to-one sessions when a student cannot comprehend a concept or other times, promoting class interaction.


Become an Effective Online Teacher

While OneLXP has cemented the concept of stellar student-teacher classroom experience technologically, we leave the teachers room to focus on expanding themselves, complimenting the teaching experience. Teachers can optimize their professionalism by:

  • Setting up a dedicated classroom background
  • Communicate clear expectations
  • Develop engaging content
  • Nurture online interactions and discussions towards productivity and effectiveness
  • Seek continual feedback
  • Build relationships and trust

And most importantly, build and maintain strong communication with the parents.