Making schools smart

Digitizing real classroom. Most intuitively! 🀹

OneLXP is created with you in mind. We have not created our best Learning Management System (LMS), rather we have created from your expectations of the best. As virtual learning environments gain momentum, streamlining pedagogical tools has become pivotal in choosing an end-to-end learning management system provider.
Our automated infrastructure provisioning and deployment helps you, your teachers and students access the resources wherever they need! Sounds fancy? It is!


Digital Class just like a WhatsApp group

We empathise with teachers and school owners who have struggled for years haggling with complicated systems and dealing with salesmen who have tried to sell their products on the basis of number of features. We understand that not every teacher/student is a techie and need not be one.

That is why we built a chat-based system which is simple to use for a 60 year old Teacher and a 10 Year old kid equally.


Subject-wise Features:

  • Live Classes
  • Class Attendance
  • Session planning
  • Study content OR Notes sharing
  • Daily Homework
  • Online Examination
  • Online Content Library

All content formats supported:

  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Documents
  • Images
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Online Links

One for all. All for One. 🎳

Once the key-person signs into the dashboard, they can access the cumulative lists of courses from the dashboard or from the side-panel. Access a world of features inside:

  • Add a single course to your portfolio
  • Import courses in bulk
  • Analyze courses through course information, activity, performance, attendance and live classes
  • Assign teachers and classes to the course
  • Edit and update courses within the table
  • Search by keywords, standard, subject titles and type
  • Subject-wise notebooks
  • Straightforward content upload resembles mainstream chat applications
  • Increased student engagement on course projects, assessments, and assigned tasks
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication with students and parents
  • Non-verbal communication in chats and feedbacks
  • Monitor assignment performances and leave feedback for the class
  • Explore content library for each course
  • Subject-wise notebooks
  • Increased interaction with instant messages, ability to share multimedia content and delete
  • Access files and assessments and submit solution seamlessly
  • Leave feedback on assessments
  • View live classes and previous class recordings

With OneLXP’ systematic course management, the administration and teachers can forget the management challenges and focus on pedagogical challenges, instead. Plan, post an introductory video, set your course goals and expectations, analyze and join the other schools who have made the decision to join OneLXP in their educational revolution.