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History Begins in 2012

  1. 2012

    The Trigger

    It all started in 2012 when the idea of illumnus was conceived by our founder Mr. Akash Singhal, then, a student at IIT Bombay. He saw that while the world is getting connected through the Technology, Education and Schools are lagging behind. In his classes, he was first introduced to a system of Moodle and concepts like Flipped Classroom. He soon began to realize the importance of a connected school inspired by the ideas being implemented at India's most premier institution, IIT Bombay. What followed was years of brainstorming and research on how a new-age digital platform would look like and how technology could help improve learning outcomes and help schools and colleges stand out.

  2. 2018May 16th


    Till now, Akash had met with more than 600 teachers, students, parents and administration and realized the real problem. It was no more the availibility of LMS systems but the usability of the same. He realized most of the teachers and parents are not that Tech-savvy to run such complicated systems available. He decided to build a Technology which does not feel like a Technology. With as communication and collaboration as the core, illumnus was born. He started to build a team of like-minded people with experience in industry and started by bootstrapping the project.

  3. 2019January 10th

    MVP launched and Funding secured

    By now, the Minimum Viable Product had been launched. It was a very primitive system which had limited features. Despite of that, we onboarded our first school, St. Edmunds Jaipur and we saw an immense level of engagement. This gave us conviction to build a full-fledged product and for that we received our first funding from our Friends and Family.

  4. 2019December 1st

    Launch in Dubai

    Meanhile, we had launched V1 and received a decent response in India, having onboarded 12 big clients including Manipal University and MNIT, Jaipur. But now, we realized in research, the international market needed to be tapped. So we reached Dubai and after 13 days and tons of meeting, we closed an angel round of funding ($100k) from Mr. Mosam Gadia (CEO, Noon Pay) and Mr. Tarun Mehta (Director, TMM Consulting, UAE). We also closed our biggest client from Dubai with 3300 students who later actively used with ~2 Lacs of content within a couple of months.

  5. 2020March 19th

    COVID and Lockdown

    The world was hit by Covid Lockdown and eventually, the education sector which had been one of the slowest to adopt technology had to come online. More than 2.1 Billion educators and learners attended classes online for the first time. We started receving a lot of queries and within 3 months, we onboarded 26 clients with 12000+ users.

  6. 2021February 20th

    US Incorporation

    We had applied to the US based Startup Reality Show called Meet The Drapers which is pretty similar to Shark Tank but judged by Draper Family which had been early investors in company like Tesla and Baidu. We reached the Semi Finals among World's Top 9 Startups and offered a support by Scott McNealy, CoFounder of Sun Microsystems (Creator of Java).