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If there were an oft-overlooked factor in online school management that reflects poorly on the school’s brand and outlook, is the poor attendance management system.
However, not all data is useful. Attendance data can only be effective when collated to reflect students’ learning experience, teachers’ effectiveness and consequentially, students’ performance.
As a missed school day is a lost learning opportunity for the child and as a primary element of the school’s administrative processes, OneLXP has eliminated the hassle of manual attendance record maintenance by automating the entire process.
Which school would not want to optimize their students’ and teachers’ time spent in class?
The question, however, is that how does an automated attendance system benefit the stakeholders?


Key Features:

We walk you through the features OneLXP, an end-to-end Learning Management Software, offers in managing attendance effectively:

  • A report is sent to the administration and parents, as soon as the attendance is recorded.
  • Automatic attendance during online sessions
  • Teachers can check student attendance from subject notebooks and record manually if required.
  • User-friendly interface with color-coded attendance status and legible typeface
  • Unlimited attendance record
  • Secure attendance system

Key Benefits:

  • Increases time dedicated to learning by alleviating the time lost in recording attendance
  • Enhances student motivation and performance as a quicker and formal system ensures students attend classes regularly
  • Increases parent-student involvement as parents can check, through the parents portal, attendance for each subject or day.
  • Parents can coordinate with teachers to alleviate unnecessary absences.
  • Enhances parental trust towards the educational institution and improves school brand image
  • Zero error as our system eradicates the traditional paper attendance with illegible print-size
To be on the top of enhancing students’ performance, contact OneLXP for a demo right now.