Making schools smart

Keeping your parents informed without manual data entry

In their struggle to juggle lesson planning and managing students, schools and teachers forget the group that matters the most - the parents. Experts cite increased parental participation in their children’s education (such as monitoring schoolwork, educational activities, extra-curricular, facilitating career guidance) and frequent communication with teachers as directly proportional to an increase in students’ performance and successful career paths. Which parent would not want that?

It is a given that parental proactivity does not mean their physical involvement in the schooling system, rather their active, meaningful participation in their children’s academic lives as a primary support system. How does it benefit the child’s performance? For one, it translates to an understanding that education is paramount to success.

Key Features

Considering these facts as our primary driver, OneLXP developed a parents’ portal with features that matter.

  • Course-wise, students’ performance up to 8 children
  • View student’s performance in context to the class average and class maximum
  • Instant notification when teacher uploads an assessment
  • Regular updates until deadline approaches
  • Instant notification when the child submits the assignment and when the teacher updates the marks
  • Instant online notice board
  • Communicate with subject-teachers through instant messaging


Endless Possibilities:

  • Subject-wise Performance Reports
  • News and Announcements
  • Assignments and Quizzes
  • Student Attendance
  • Push Notifications

Informed parents. Better Results. 📈

It is never too late to begin cultivating an instructional partnership with teachers with everything within a tap. Accompany the students in their learning journey by guiding them in their assessments, staying informed about school events, and following their overall progress.

With OneLXP, parents don’t have to look for information on a school website or take out time from work; instead, we deliver it to them, despite the work schedule. As the educational system progresses, the onus of parent and student involvement is not just upon the parents anymore, but on the schools as well, and OneLXP is ready to simplify the process.

Join us in our mission to bring about an educational revolution!