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OneLXP cares about everything you care about - your students, your administration, and everyone involved. It is the one application that serves yours, your students’, and their parents’ educational needs. Students, parents and school administration are traditionally accustomed to collaborating, coordinating, sharing their concerns, opinions, content and queries through instant messaging applications. The result is achieved at a cost of inefficiency, sporadicity, loss of information, lack of management, and most importantly - all under your identity, your school.


On the contrary, OneLXP aims to streamline your fragmented management woes. We provide an all-in-one cloud-based platform that provides key features for an effective administration of your school, even if it is divided into branches or has one purpose-built facility.

Role-Based-Access-Control System

Our Role-Based-Access-Control System provides improved system security through refined system privileges, yet a unified management system. The differentiated access to our advanced features for key roles include:

  • Easy, secure, single sign-in with your phone number
  • Color-coded graph displays activity over a time period
  • Student-student and student-teacher messaging system
  • Send delegated notices and announcements; Save your SMS expenses
  • With a single click, notify your students, teachers, and/or parents and classes about events, news, and memos.
  • Students’ and Teachers’ leaderboard for most content shared
  • Monitored interactions
  • Performance analytics based upon exhaustive rubric criteria
  • Pre-enrolled, color-coded courses
  • Create assessments and share
  • Feature-rich messaging that resembles mainstream chat applications
  • Explore the built-in content library
  • Straightforward attendance recording
  • Integrated Zoom sessions - share recordings to avoid repetitions
  • Performance analytics for students
  • Course-wise, color-coded, pre-enrolled course notebooks
  • Coordination with classmates and teachers through chats
  • Report cards with performance graphs
  • Assignments and quizzes
  • Measurable interaction that increases productivity
  • Course-wise performance view
  • View class average and highest performance
  • Monitoring up to 8 children
  • Instant notice boards
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