Making schools smart

WhatsApp made for your school

Imagine convenient communication with a teacher - what comes to mind?

In traditional schools, teachers outside school hours are inaccessible; any doubts and course-related discussions come to a halt until the next day.

Whereas, in OneLXP enabled Schools, the students can connect with the teachers any time they wish to clarify course-related doubts or initiate a healthy class discussion. However, our messaging system is multi-faceted; our feature-rich direct messaging system includes:

  • Similar to Whatsapp in user-friendliness - chat with plain text or expressing through emojis
  • Share content in all formats - images, videos, file, text, quizzes, assignment, and video lectures
  • Monitored conversations facilitate preserving a healthy environment for progressive discussions
  • Teacher-students, parents-teachers, and vice versa chat option
  • Subject-wise group discussion

Key Benefits

Our messaging system is built to focus on:

  • Easy communication capabilities amongst all stakeholders
  • Nurturing a positive class environment
  • Initiating dialogue and encouraging content-sharing
  • Maintaining a learning relationship even when the students have graduated from a class
  • Inculcating a sense of belonging amongst the students and teachers


Endless Possibilities:

  • Doubt Clearing
  • Notes Sharing
  • Secured personal discussions
  • Teachers' internal communication
  • Session planning

All content formats supported:

  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Documents
  • Images
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Online Links

Imagine a more connected school 🀝

A positive class environment is one of the primary factors affecting students’ learning. It can only be nourished through sharing relevant content, providing clear learning goals and feedback, a platform to enhance social skills, and overall success strategies for students. We cannot control the negative elements in play outside the classroom; however, we can create simple-to-adopt strategies that can buffer the negativity amongst students.

Teachers are advised to analyze their classrooms through self-audit and detect moments of learning, their root causes, and strive towards creating more similar experiences through healthy class discussions. As to the moments otherwise, such as unpleasant conversations or disagreements; move swiftly towards the earliest resolution and employ the moment as an opportunity to learn.

Join us in our mission to bring about an educational revolution!