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How does homework supplement learning?

Learning is never limited to a ‘classroom’; it is a lifelong experience that, in the context of a specific course, extends to all genres of assessments linked with the course to validate the concepts and lessons learned within the class. Research proves that a well-designed and implemented homework assignment reinforces learning significantly.
This is why it is always important to employ best practices when delegating homework. Nonetheless, it is only possible when the teacher focuses on integrating the coursework for long-term learning instead of submissions, alerting the students to the deadline, and other related administrative procedures.
How does all of that becomes possible in online learning when the ‘real’ interaction is minimal, at best?


Key Features:

OneLXP, being an end-to-end Learning Management System, takes that burden off the teachers’ shoulders and allows them to focus on essential aspects of creating an effective learning environment. Our assignment feature allows the teacher to:

  • Create an assignment within the course notebook
  • Select multiple sections to post the assignment
  • Assign maximum marks
  • Attach relevant files; for example, if the homework assignment is to analyze a case study, the teacher can attach its copy
  • Monitor student and class performance post-submission

Key Benefits:

As the teacher can now focus on crafting effective online homework, this way the students receive a chance to:

  • Develop their critical thinking and time management skills
  • Focus and recover from their weak areas
  • Learn irreplaceable research skills, in turn encouraging them to stay focused and access school’s online content library instead of digressing during research

In addition to all the benefits the students receive, the parents receive a chance to involve themselves in their children’s coursework. Moreover, it is common knowledge that the teacher receives accolades as measurable students’ performance is a reflection of the teacher’s capabilities.


With OneLXP, you don’t work in silos, but move forward with a strategic approach.